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Wood Siding

Fir Wood Siding
Fir also a softwood is a member of the pine family similar to spruce. Their are several species of fir wood throughout the United States and Canada; there is the Canada balsam, Fraser fir, she-balsam and Douglas fir- though not considered a ...

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Wood siding has been a favorite choice among homeowners across the United States and Canada for hundreds of years. We created our Web site to help consumers find comprehensive information about wood siding, including optional styles, costs for materials and installation, and the benefits of using wood siding.

It's our aim to become your go-to choice for insightful information about the types of wood siding that best fit your budget and design choices. We'd like you to know about all your alternatives in durable finishes, lumber grade, rot resistance qualities, and designs. You can choose from options ranging from horizontal clapboard siding to vertical board and batten that are known for quality and long life. Real wood siding, properly maintained and repainted every 4-5 years, can last for three decades.

And you'll find that wood siding can add value and curb appeal to your home. Let us help you make intelligent decisions about your siding.

Feel free to contact us at info@woodsidingzone.com.

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