Pine Wood Siding

The abundance of pine wood throughout North America has contributed in part to its extensive use in building, because of its uniqueness and versatility it is used in many building applications one of which is siding.

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Pine wood is still the preferred external building material for homes, even though there has been a steady decline in it use over the decades. There is an increasing trend in the use of pine wood in custom made homes and multi family units.

There are three main styles of pine wood sidings that are available on the open market: the drop siding, bevel siding and the log cabin siding. Drop sidings come in several different patterns the popular ones are generally identified by a number.

Bevel sidings are mainly used in residential buildings shiplap and center matched patterns are used on buildings that do not have sheathing.These pine wood siding are placed horizontally or at an angle to create a visual manipulation, buildings that use this siding appear lower and longer to the onlooker.

In the production of pine wood sidings strict guidelines must be adhered to by the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality output. It is a requirement that pine wood sidings are seasoned, treated and kept to retain specific moisture content prior to being installed as this will prevent the wood from shrinking or the joints opening after installation and painting.

Pine wood sidings usage vary from state to state its use is mainly found east of the Rockies installing these sidings are fairly simple once the manufactures guidelines are followed and the material is stored onsite properly. Homes made with this material will need regular maintenance and upkeep so as to prevent a deterioration of the wood.